FJE Capital is an independent, fee-only, financial planning and asset management firm. We are not affiliated with any broker-dealer and are, therefore, able to offer a more objective and less-conflicted approach to your financial goals. With over twenty years experience providing financial services to our clients, we have managed numerous situations and market cycles.

We adhere to a fiduciary standard. That means your interests come first. In addition, since we take a holistic approach to your wealth management, you may be surprised by the time, trouble and money you save through consolidation of your financial affairs. We provide a wide array of services that can encompass everything from budgeting expenses to estate planning (or we can provide just a single service like portfolio management). Our highly educated approach tempered with experience is provided at a very reasonable price.

We want our clients to achieve their financial goals. So, our fees are kept low and investment performance consistent with investment objectives is emphasized and monitored regularly.

FJE Capital is a registered investment advisor in the State of Michigan.

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